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Written by on October 2, 2020

You may recall that St Bees Community Radio hosted their first young writers’ competition in August: the Brilliant Bees Writing Competition. We set up this competition with the aim of encouraging children in the local area to express their creative writing talent, giving them a platform to share this talent with others and to spread positivity, which is what our radio station is all about.
Every entry that we received was excellent and reinforced what fantastic creativity we have in the West Cumbria area. This made judging the pieces a difficult task, but the winners have now been selected…

1st place: James Whaley, age 10, with his poem Tomorrow Tells:
Tomorrow tells of many things
And here are only some of them:

Tomorrow tells of sunny hours
And a very large number of them

Tomorrow tells of funny people
Cracking jokes all the time

Tomorrow tells of French people
Like the classic mime

Tomorrow tells of purple flowers
Tomorrow tells of divine powers

Tomorrow tells of powerful wizards
Tomorrow tells of strange lizards

Tomorrow tells of fire-breathing dragons
Tomorrow tells of wooden wagons

Tomorrow tells of mystic powers
Tomorrow tells of longer hours

Tomorrow tells of stranger times
Tomorrow tells of nursery rhymes

Tomorrow tells of smaller nets
Tomorrow tells of happy pets

Tomorrow tells oh tomorrow tells
Tomorrow tells of you
Having a good day

2nd place: Jake Lynch, age 7, with his story Tailfluff Explores Paris:
Tailfluff the cat was on a plane. His owners were acting like something exciting was about to happen. Tailfluff was excited because they were going up and up. When he looked out the window he saw the clouds. When they were coming down Tailfluff was scared because he saw they were zooming and they landed with a bump. When he got out of the plane, he saw a sign that said: Welcome to Paris. He saw the Eiffel tower and the Pompidou Centre. After a minute he saw a sparkling fountain but he fell in with a big splash! He looked around for his owners but he couldn’t see them. They hadn’t seen him fall in and had lost him in the crowd. Tailfluff tried to jump out but fell in with another splash! Then he tried to swim out and it worked!
“That was fun! I didn’t know I could swim,” he said. He thought about looking for his owners but he decided he wanted to have more adventures. He was walking for a minute when he saw the Eiffel tower again and started to climb. When he was at the top he could see the fountain he had fallen in. He realised how high he was but was feeling adventurous. He had his cat kite so he jumped off. The people watching said,
“Is that a very fat bat?”
“Is that a bird with a cat tail?”
Flying through the air was exciting and he felt the wind a lot. He circled the fountain before diving straight down. He landed with another splash and swam out.
“That was my favourite adventure,” he said happily. He was walking for a minute to admire the buildings when suddenly he got extremely tired. He tried to sleep but he got stepped on by 5,000 people and 100,000 dogs. He tried to sleep on top of a building but nearly got blown off. He was looking for somewhere to sleep when he saw a sparkling hotel. When he was inside he said,
“Bonjour! Have you got a room?”
“Yes, go to room 999,999,999 said the person. So he went to the 555,555th floor and searched. When he was at door 999,999,999 Tailfluff opened it. He saw his family sleeping and wandered round them until he was too tired and jumped on to the softest part of the bed and slept.
In the morning his surprised owners noticed him scratching at the door ready for his breakfast.
“Where have you been?” said one of Tailfluff’s owners and carried him downstairs and let him have 20 pain au chocolats. When he finished his breakfast, he had a wander around the hotel and went to the person at the desk and said,
“I like Paris. Can I book a room for next month?”

3rd place: Daisy Smith, age 9, with her story The Festival in the Forest:
“One, two, three,” counted Elsie.
She was playing hide & seek with her friends Chloe and Ash in the forest of St. Bees.
“I’m going to hide in the old shed.” said Chloe
“I am going to hide behind the tree that has a trap door, I don’t think Elsie knows about that.” said Ash.
Ash ran to the tree and waited to be found. No one had ever been down the trap door before because it is supposed to be haunted with the ghost of mamma Eva… so typical Ash decided to go down!
THUMP! Ash was whizzed down a metal tube, her long brown hair was invisible she was going so fast and her blue eyes where wide with fear.
“ARGHHHH!” she screamed
CRASH BANG WALLOP! Ash hit the floor and a flower ran past her. She just stared, confused. She stood up, brushed off all the dust and looked around. She was still in the forest but could hear loud music and cheering so walked in the direction of the music. After a few minutes Ash saw a unicorn singing on a stage and hundreds of plants and animals from the forest singing the songs, it was like a festival in the forest. Ash fell silent
and listened to the music.
They were singing songs from her world.
Everything stared at her when she started singing.
“Well you have good hearing” laughed Ash
“Well you won’t be laughing now human!” shouted a flower
They all started throwing lightning bolts from horns and plucking petals out of their head to throw, it was MAYHEM!
“Everyone stop,” hollered one of unicorns on stage wearing sunglasses and a tight dress “We could use this human help to fix the magic karaoke machine.”
“Yes, we need to get that fixed for king karaoke and queen karaoke and humans have much better brains then us.” chipped in an ugly guitarist
“What’s your name?” said the unicorn
“I’m Ash and I am ten.”
“I am Uniberry and this is my guitarist Ug, we need your help. Our magic karaoke machine is broken because Ug spilt his milk on it.” said Uniberry glowering at him.
“Well the first thing you should do is get a tool.”
“Well that’ll be easy.” bragged Uniberry picking up a peacock feather.
“What on earth have you got a feather for?”
“You’ll see.” she said and with a flash and a bang disappeared and then returned again with a hot tub above her head!  
“Why have you got a hot tub.” moaned Ash
“You said we need a pool but I can’t afford a pool so I got a hot tub.” she said casually.
“No I said a tool…like a hammer or something like that.”
“Ha Ha Ha ha ha!” laughed the crowd.”
“Ok, but I’m keeping the hot tub. Take my hand and think of where you want to go.”
“Welcome to Jessie’s brainy lab watch out for explosions in room one and the stink bombs in room two, to get a job here come to room four and to buy products come to room three and remember not to open any bottles until you get home.” boomed a tannoy.
“Right, off to room three then.” said Ash
Uniberry touched a bottle called Fastest Fixer
“Fastest fixer, is the fasted powder to fix any object 88g, £3.99” said a tannoy fixed to the tiny blue bottle.
“Wow this is definitely a brainy lab Ash I’m buying this.”
They both walked to the till to see Jessie the cat in a white laboratory coat listening to the radio.
“Oh my gosh its Ash the human from the upper world with Uniberry oh wow this is a dream come true! Why are you buying fixing powder!?” she asked all giddy
“Ug spilt his milk on our karaoke machine and Charles the karaoke king and queen Maya are coming tomorrow.”
“Wow I always love what Queen Maya wears, I’ll give you this for 99p if you let me come.”
“Alright deal.” said Ash shaking Jessie’s paw.
“It’s at nine AM tomorrow.”
“Oh, I’ll have to close my shop down! NEVER MIND.”
Pop! Ash and Uniberry were back at the festival. They sprinkled the fixing powder onto the machine and….
Clunk bang smash
“I think we just broke it even more.” they both cried.
Suddenly, loud music started blaring out of the machine and it turned from black to rainbow!
…The next day


“Wake up Ash wake up!” shouted Uniberry
“Its eight in the morning – Queen Maya and King Charles are coming in an hour and I don’t have anything to wear!” screamed Ash burying herself under the covers.
“Don’t worry we’ve been up all night and have made you this.”
Uniberry held up a dress embroidered in butterflys with a golden zip up the back and a pair of blue doc martins.

“Wow, thank you Uniberry it’s stunning!” gasped Ash
The reindeers, unicorns and all of the magical creatures ran to the red carpet.
Everyone started screaming with joy as a blue and pink convertible mini turned up on the edge of the red carpet and two bunnys hopped out. One wearing a blue dress with a matching necklace and the other wearing a pink suit and sunglasses.
“They’re so small.” said Ash confused
“Don’t worry, watch…” said Ug as the king & queen grew into human shaped aliens and walked down the carpet. But something triggered their attention, it was…ASH!
“Charles look,” whispered Maya “It’s an actual human, isn’t that marvelous!”
“Oh, wow!” he gasped
They both stopped. “Well hello. What is your name human?”
“ Erm.. hi, I am Ash. You must be Queen Maya and King Charles. In my world we had a King Charles hundreds of years ago.” she said nervously
“Well Ash is a very nice name.“
After talking, they all went and sang some karaoke before having afternoon tea and then a bit more karaoke.
“I better go now. My parents will be worried” said Ash.
“Please come again,” cried Uniberry
“Oh of course I will… in fact I might even come back tomorrow! Now where’s the exit?” asked Ash
“Just up the stairs!” shouted Ug (who had surprisingly good hearing) from the stage
“GOOD BYE!” screamed Ash half way up the stairs.
And that is the end of this story!

The winners will also have their pieces read out on the radio station in the near future. Thank you to everyone who took part in the competition!

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