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Current show

Bees Breakfast Club

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Brought to you by the Bees Bash team St Bees Community Radio was created simply to:

1. Ensure people do not feel isolated during lockdown. Through shout outs and collaboration it allows all , especially West Cumbrians, to have something for them to stay in contact and enjoy.

2. Entertain & Collaboration – a platform for locals to get involved in any way they wish. Whether making shows or contributing in any way, all are able to share and feel connected.

3. Support & grow local talent. Many existing and budding performers have a platform to connect and share their talents.

4. Inform. Part of the service is to share local news, stories and information that is relevant to our community.

How it began

A concept between friends has just exploded with interest the purpose is to inform, entertain and ensure people do not feel alone during isolation.

We now have over 40 contributors of local musicians, DJs, locals reading all getting involved and learning new skills and widening their networks.

We aim to provide something for everyone, and most importantly is open to everyone of any age to get involved. If beyond trying to help with metal health and fear during all of this we can help people bolster CVs, help some to find new career ambitions and in case of contributors reach wider audiences then some good will have come from it.

From a standing start with no idea how to do any of this or if possible  we have reached well in excess of 10,000 homes in 3 weeks and have many celebrities calling in and leaving messages including Sarah Cox and Matthew Wright . Charlie Door is going to do a show. Mark McLaughlin’s happy hour show has interviews with Les McKeown (Bay City Rollers), Jean Christophe Novelli (TV personality), Toby Buckland (BBC), Peter Sidwell, and much more to come …

Please get in contact if you wish to get involved whether you want to showcase your music, be a presenter, make jingles, read the weather – every one is welcome!

Beyond alleviating loneliness and providing an opportunity for people to try something new and/or achieve an ambition the radio so far has the following success stories:

  • We have had over a quarter of a million (250,000+) listeners with many messaging how much the station has helped them in these times
  • 9 DJs have been offered jobs and shows at other much bigger international stations realising their dreams
  • Set up a training facility to train anyone who wanted to try their hand at being on the radio
  • We gave an ‘internship’ to a media student as part of her Bachelors so she had a project for her portfolio
  • We created a video at the request of the local community schools to inspire the kids – St Bees Radio
  • Generated and supported funds for local good causes to the ‘tune’ of £000’s
  • Celebrated local heroes and music
  • Prom has been saved – with the help of St Bees Community Radio | Whitehaven News

Also included are a few local press links below

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