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From our reporter JASON RUSHWORTH No need to panic folks its just the ‘White watch crews’ from Whitehaven and Workington taking part in vital Breathing Apparatus training today!Our local Fire and rescue service take time out on a regular basis to practice practice practice. The West Cumbria fire and rescue service trains its personnel to operate in dynamic and at […]

FROM OUR REPORTER  JASON RUSHWORTH Lads from Frizington and Distington have got together to make a difference this month. Gary Hewer and Ryan Dodgson are part of the Rugby playing community in our part of the world, and wanted to see what sport could do to help West Cumbria Mental Health at this time. Whitehaven RL and Workington Town […]

FROM OUR REPORTER  JASON RUSHWORTH Morrisons of Whitehaven today got behind the go bald with Mitch campaign. Whitehaven First responder Michael (Mitch) Sloan has been getting his friends to shave what they can to highlight teenage cancer. He tells us that he is amazed by the additional support from Morrisons – with their donation buckets at the tills. Mitch […]

FROM OUR REPORTER  JASON RUSHWORTH Throughout this month, Jupiter will be shining brightly across the Cumbrian Coast. Spotted here on 1st June in Drigg. It’s brightness will increase in our area between now and July. Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun and the second-largest in the Solar System, after Jupiter. It is a gas giant with an average radius of about nine times […]

FROM OUR REPORTER  JASON RUSHWORTH Two West Cumbrian Health Care Assistants have been praised today by the North Cumbria Integrated Care unit.. Tracey Carnochan and Helen Hartley stepped in last minute this week when they went to visit an elderly patient whose husband had suffered a fall and was taken away to hospital. The two girls went the extra mile to providing top quality care then made […]

FROM OUR REPORTER  JASON RUSHWORTH A local stand-up paddle boarder from Seascale has taken on a big challenge to raise money in support of diabetes research. Adrian Angell, emigrated to the USA from Seascale but still supports West Cumbrian Charities. The Marra paddled 50 miles along the Ohio river last weekend for his UK fundraiser. He tells us back […]

DJ Sploits has a further thank you to our hard working front line workers. In partnership with G&J Distillery and in support of Stuart Wrights fund, we have ‘sourced’ an extra thank you to those we have most relied on. St Bees Community Radio are proud to provide another small token of our appreciation to […]

Since launch at the end of March 2020 St Bees Community Radio has had much interest from local and mainstream media including the BBC & Ch4 as well as a host of celebrities have got in contact. Some local media coverage is linked below: The Herdwick The Whitehaven News The Cumbria Guide The News & […]

The fun created by the Doorstep Disco & Window Wobble has been picked up by Channel 4 reporters who are looking to do a special piece on the weekly event. They have asked for as much footage (shot in high resolution landscape) to be submitted for the potential programme. The event allows all to celebrate […]